Paris, June 16, 2023
Under the High Patronage of
Mr Emmanuel MACRON
President of the French Republic

Transforming Health Systems
with Patient Outcomes

Patient-reported outcome measurements (PROMs) have a transformative impact on health systems. However, the emergence of Value-Based Health Care is hindered by a lack of transparent and standardized outcome data that matters to patients, such as functional scores and quality of life. Adopting risk-adjusted PROM registries drives fundamental change in payment models and care pathway evaluation.

To address this challenge, the Université Paris Cité Medical School and the Chair of Value in Health are developing pioneering expertise in PROMs and Value-Based Health Care. To foster change, the conference will host debates with world-class decision makers from public and private organizations focusing on use cases with the aim of transforming health systems through patient outcomes. This event is a unique opportunity to connect with leaders through roundtable discussions and networking breaks in an outstanding venue.

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