Paris, June 16, 2023

Under the High Patronage of
Mr Emmanuel MACRON
President of the French Republic

Transforming Health Systems
with Patient Outcomes

Transforming Health Systems
with Patient Outcomes

Patient-reported outcome measurements (PROMs) have a transformative impact on health systems. However, the emergence of Value-Based Health Care is hindered by a lack of transparent and standardized outcome data that matters to patients, such as functional scores and quality of life. Adopting risk-adjusted PROM registries drives fundamental change in payment models and care pathway evaluation.
The Université Paris Cité Medical School and the Chair of Value in Health are developing pioneering expertise in PROMs and Value-Based Health Care. To foster change, the Chair organizes an international VBHC conference series under the High Patronage of the President of the French Republic and in partnership with the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM).
The recorded sessions of 2023 and 2018 are accessible here.

Chair of Value in Health

Transforming Health Systems with Patient Outcomes
June 16th, 2023
CESE, Paris

Opening Address
Dr. François Braun
French Minister of Health and Prevention
Duration: 00:08:35
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The Value of PROMs
Prof. Gregory Katz
Chair of Value in Health,
Université Paris Cité Medical School
President of PromTime
Duration: 00:26:39
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Measuring Patient Outcomes
Prof. Martin Ingvar
Jean-Marc Bourez
Gérard Raymond
Dolores Paredes
Duration: 00:45:10
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Value-Based Healthcare in Wales
Dr. Sally Lewis
Duration: 00:12:53
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Improving Hospital Rankings
Prof. David Bates
Nancy Cooper
Dr. Lukas Kwietniewski
Dr. Jens Deerberg
Prof. Christoph Meier
Duration: 01:03:05
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Benchmarking PROMs
Peter Pitts
Frederico Guanais,
Dr. Florian Rueter,
Prof. Robert Sigal,
Prof. Vincent Darrouzet
Duration: 01:02:08
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PROMs Registry for Cataracts
Prof. Béatrice Cochener
Duration: 00:18:36
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Outcomes for Procurement
Ramon Maspons Bosch
Dr. Rajesh Rajpal
Prof. Nuno Costa
Dr. Euan Thomson
Chris Bidad
Xavier Gutierrez
Duration: 01:13:51
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Contracting with Insurers
Prof. Zirui Song
Prof. Paul van der Nat
Dr. Dana Gelb Safran
Dr. Matthew Hickey
Dr. Mélanie Autran
Duration: 01:02:31
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PROMs & Quality Assessment
Dr. Amélie Lansiaux
Duration: 00:21:51
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Incentivizing PROMs
Thomas Fatome
Duration: 00:12:42
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Training Value Pioneers
Prof. Philippe Ruszniewski
Prof. Gérard Friedlander
Dr. Raquel Correia
Prof. Gregory Katz
Duration: 00:20:37
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